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and the people showed. the protesters can. I see their mood. referring to events on 10 September. Sceptre and the party of the. 2: The. party of the Workers' Party of the German Reich ( - KPD) and the Socialist Party of Germany ( - SPD) were the two major political parties in Weimar Germany. They were the main political opposition to the German. The KPD emerged in 1918 during the October Revolution, and was closely connected to the Bolsheviks and the emerging Soviet Union. It was illegal in Germany and had to operate underground. The KPD was the communist party in Germany and the German Communist Party. Their ideology was based on Marxism, Leninism, and. The party grew rapidly during the Weimar Republic, but was banned in 1923 following the failed communist revolt, the Kapp Putsch, and following the postwar German economic crisis. In 1920, the German Communist Party had 7,378 members. The party was initially known as the Communist Party of Germany (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands, KPD). The Communist Party of Germany was a national communist party in Germany, part of the Communist International (Comintern). In the Weimar years the communists were the largest party of the Left in Germany. The party developed alongside the German Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party of Germany. The communists worked closely together. The German Communist Party was one of the most successful mass parties in Europe, with over 7,000,000 members. The KPD had strong links to the Soviet Union and its ideology was based on Marxism and Leninism. The party was banned in the Federal Republic of Germany after the German Democratic Republic was founded in The party was dissolved following the victory of the SPD in the German Federal Republic. The origins of the Communist Party in Germany can be traced back to the Spartacist Uprising in January 1919, the worker's uprising against the civil war between the White Russian Imperial Army and the Red Army of the Bolsheviks. The uprising led to the downfall of the German monarchy, the creation of the Republic and the establishment of a democratic government. The Communist Party of Germany was founded as a result of the uprising. The Communist Party of Germany emerged in January as the most significant opposition to the Social Democracy. It was small but radical in its outlook. The Communists were the only party to call for the establishment of a German Communist state.




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